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Steve Davis has published hundreds of blog posts about marketing and communication and now, at Talked About Marketing, he is starting afresh. If you’re here during mid-2019, you’ll find only a few articles for now but there’ll be more because blogging is life! Well, blogging is certainly what adds life to marketing efforts (and professional development). You might also want to subscribe to the Talked About Marketing monthly newsletter because it will bundle up recent writings into one place, while alerting you to new workshops and events that might benefit your business.

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DIY Fringe Marketing

If you’re putting on an Adelaide Fringe show in 2020, this workshop will give you practical, marketing fundamentals to get things right. Plus, it includes 2 hours one-on-one time just for you. Learn more and book online.


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The importance of marketing earnestly

The Importance Of Marketing Earnestly would be a play I'd like to write in the spirit of my wordsmith hero, Oscar Wilde. The full title of his most popular play is The Importance Of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy For Serious People, and I've always been intrigued by...

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