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Steve Davis has published hundreds of blog posts about marketing and communication and now, at Talked About Marketing, he is starting afresh. If you’re here during mid-2019, you’ll find only a few articles for now but there’ll be more because blogging is life! Well, blogging is certainly what adds life to marketing efforts (and professional development). You might also want to subscribe to the Talked About Marketing monthly newsletter because it will bundle up recent writings into one place, while alerting you to new workshops and events that might benefit your business.

Online Meetings

Zoom Meetings and Workshops

During this time of physical isolation due to COVID-19, Michael Shanahan and Steve Davis are holding strategy and marketing meetings online, from short sessions to full length meetings, and also running online workshops and networking sessions. 


Marketing Articles

SMART goals lead to smarter marketing

I almost didn't write a post about SMART goals for marketing because the term has been around for a long time and some readers will dismiss it, thinking, I've heard all of this before. However, that's exactly why I think this post is so important. It is one thing to...

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Exposing yourself to social media marketing
Exposing yourself to social media marketing

There were a number of themes developed during my social media marketing workshop with members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography SA branch last week, that might be worth tucking into an album for future reference. They centered around taking time...

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Does the world need more marketing content? Yes, and no.

Does the world need more marketing content? Do I really need to write another blog? Why should I bother creating another podcast episode? I hate to break it to that little voice inside our heads, the one that really enjoys the status quo and the avoidance of hard...

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The basics of SEO: Google is not a mind reader (yet)

What are the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? For those of use who have been working with websites since last century, you might think this question should be old hat by now. But it's not. Only last week I had a dear friend ask me for some thoughts about...

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