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There's only one thing worse than doing marketing and that's not doing marketing properly

Why would I choose a marketing package?

Do you know what you’re going to do this week to generate leads and sales?

Do you have some routines and processes to maintain income and enquiries into the future?

To answer these questions, we all need to have at least a basic plan and strategy in place so we’re not wasting precious time and energy guessing or panicking as each week slips by.

The marketing packages on this page all share a common goal: they have been designed to help you reset your compass and get clarity in where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to head next.

By being fixed in scope and price, we can work together in trust within a set framework, which is especially reassuring if it’s the first time you’ve ever engaged consultants.

Obviously, we offer direct, online consultations too, but these packages make a great starting point for businesses at various stages of growth and maturity.

Have a browse and then contact Steve or Michael to see how we be able to help you.

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Standalone packages to get you started

Marketing First Steps

Marketing First Steps

Price: $1,150 +GST

If you’re feeling stuck, or just starting out, this package is a low risk way to get direction from two experienced marketers in a structured planning session that will result in plotting your next important steps.

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Marketing Refresh

Marketing Refresh

Price: $2,500 +GST

If you are confident your marketing is doing okay but has potential to do better, this package will analyse your measurement systems, check how content and output are aligned with goals, and outline new activity.

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Marketing Foundations

Marketing Foundations

Price: $4,500 +GST

This marketing package starts from the ground up. Armed with some background from you, we’ll hold two intense meetings to craft a robust marketing plan, calendar of activity, and reporting processes.

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Client Testimonials

“I was fortunate enough to attend a Mentoring session with Steve Davis yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. He came up with innovative concepts and made me look at my business in a different light. I have also attended 2 workshops facilitated by Steve and each time his delivery has been great. He is passionate, entertaining and really brings the message across in an easy to understand manner.”


“Motivating, informative and entertaining. Steve offers sound advice on current marketing and tech trends.”


“Steve is a marketing expert that actually speaks plain English and gets results.”


“I’ve dealt with plenty of marketeers in the course of my work life, and I’m am continuously amazed at the propensity for bull-dung!
Steve cuts through in conversation and in professionalism. He’s a breath-of-fresh air in a jaded industry.
When you see the imaginative and courageous way Steve markets his own business you’ll understand how he can make things happen in yours.”


Marketing First Steps

This package is one of the most straightforward ways to take stock of what is happening with your online presence and marketing efforts.

Why Choose This Package?

If you want to base your marketing decisions on data and insights, you need to choose this package as a starting point.

This marketing package will equip you with a system that will help you check the progress of your ongoing work, or hold your external consultants to account.

And if you’ve been curious about crafting a formal marketing strategy, this package will give you a sense of what’s involved and set you up with good information for when you are ready.

In short, this package is all about getting clarity in the current (and future) state of your marketing.

Package Summary

The Marketing First Steps package begins with an initial review of your current situation.

We then put some systems in place to start measuring digital activity involving your online presence.

Because these systems capture intelligent data from your online activity, within a few weeks you will start seeing a clearer picture about what actually is working and where some elements of your online marketing might be going wrong.

After our initial meeting, the bulk of this package takes place behind-the-scenes.

We work through your various web elements so they talk to each other and report back on activity with clarity.

Some small changes might be needed on your website to make this reporting accurate, but they will be minor tweaks.

You should feel proud once you’ve activated this First Steps package because, sadly, most small to medium business owners have none of these measures in place and are relying only on gut feel to navigate the marketplace.

Key Milestones

  • Initial briefing with Steve Davis and Michael Shanahan, face to face or via video/phone.
  • Installation of monitoring systems across your key online properties.
  • Configuration of analytics to make sense of the data being captured.

Key Points

Universally Important

No matter whether you are ready to develop a thorough marketing strategy or not, this package is crucial for all businesses because it gives you visibility that will always be useful, well into the future

All Enterprise Sizes

From one person working in a spare office at home to medium-sized enterprises with multiple staff and offices, this package is applicable to all.


It’s surprising how some of the smallest insights can have the biggest impact. For example, in one early review of web user videos (yes, you get to see what users do on your website in short, accurate videos), we discovered one client had incorrect contact form that was sending would be clients into a void.

Marketing Refresh

This package is for you if you’ve been “in the game” a while and are reasonably happy you’ve been ticking the marketing boxes but you’re sure you can do better. This “refresh” will give you peace of mind and reinvigorate you with some fresh, strategic activity aligned to your goals.

Why Choose This Package?

If you’ve been basing your marketing on best practice or in line with popular perceptions about what best practice is, this package will provide an audit to give you an objective report on what you have in place.

Then this marketing package will make any necessary changes to ensure you have a robust framework of analytics that is giving you reliable data and insights so you can measure your ongong marketing activity, that is either done in-house or by third party providers.

A key part of this package is that, together, we then create a plan for structured marketing activity, based on your business goals, audience, and resources, to achieve improved sales and profits, knowing you now have measurement in place to react and make changes in response to actual results.

In short, this package is all about checking your current structures and putting a strategic action plan into place for building sales and profits.

Package Summary

Similarly to our Marketing First Steps package, our Refresh Package begins with an initial review of your current situation.

We then asses what analytics systems you have in place to make sure you’re effectively measuring digital activity involving your online presence.

We may need to install, upgrade, or tweak your systems so they can capture intelligent data from your online activity. And depending on the status of your existing analytics framework, we will all gain clear insights into the success or otherwise of your various online marketing elements either within a few days or a few weeks.

This package involves a dynamic strategy and action-mapping meeting to review your situation and map out some strategically-grounded creative actions for the future.

This package is designed to give your marketing a good boost and possibly a course correction if needed. It’s been crafted to give you the benefit of having informed sounding boards to explore ideas and get feedback in ways usually reserved for larger marketing departments in corporations.

Key Milestones

  • Initial briefing to set set up online analytics audit.
  • Marketing strategy meeting with Steve Davis and Michael Shanahan, face to face or via video/phone.
  • Summary of strategic decisions made and actions planned, for your adoption and use.
  • Installation of monitoring systems across your key online properties (as needed).
  • Configuration of analytics to make sense of the data being captured (as needed).

Key Points

Time To Refocus

When you’ve been actively engaged in your marketing for a while but know you’d benefit from introducing some strategy and structure to your efforts, this package is for you. 

Small To Mid-Sized

This package is a good choice for solopreneurs, micro-businesses, up to mid-sized enterprises with a small range of products, servicesm and/or locations. Larger or more complex entities will need our Marketing Foundations package or bespoke consulting.


We have seen looks of horror on client’s faces when we’ve revealed to them what “work” their SEO agency has been doing for them. Damaging, poorly-worded blogs on shoddy, spammy sites to create fake backlinks, have been very common discoveries, even by firms with household names. When we think about what those hundreds or thousands of dollars per month could have been achieving when put to good use, it staggers all of us!

Marketing Foundations

This package is for you if you are ready to sink some deep foundations into marketing strategy. 

Why Choose This Package?

You would choose this package if you’re sitting in one of two camps.

Either you have an established business that is already working within a marketing strategy but you know you are ready for a thorough review and reload.

Or you don’t have a marketing strategy but understand the value of having a unifying purpose behind all your marketing activity decisions, and a framework within which to work.

As with all out packages, this one will also make sure you have a robust framework of analytics, optimised to be giving you reliable data and insights so you can measure your ongong marketing activity.

The central element of this package is our process for defining the key elements of your marketing strategy (your goals, customer personas, unique and viable points of difference, positioning, etc) and then mapping out a plan of structured marketing activity within the confines of your resources of time and money, to boost sales and profits.

And with sound measurement in place, you will be in a good position for monitoring the value of your marketing activity so you can respond to actual results; doing more, doing less, changing tack, etc.

In short, this package is all about laying down solid marketing foundations so your business and achieve targets of sales and profits.

Package Summary

As with all our packages, our Marketing Foundations package begins with an initial review of your current situation; strategically and in relation to your online/web frameworks.

This package centres around an in depth planning discussion in which we’ll make sure we understand your unique and viable point of difference in the market, your most ideal customers/clients, their most relevant needs that make your offer attractive, and how you are perceived in the market. Then, with agreement on those items, we will map out some relevant marketing activity within the constraints of your resources of time, money, and personnel.

Equipped with these insights, we can then make sure you have analytics systems and goals set up to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activity into the future.

To achieve this, we may need to install, upgrade, or tweak your analytics systems so they can capture intelligent data from your online activity.

This package is designed to give you a plan for marketing activity grounded in strategy, coupled with means to measure how well your activity is staying on course into the future; this last part is vital because it means you can change course as needed due to data and not guesswork. In short, you get the benefits of a marketing department to give you direction in your quest for sales and profits.

Key Milestones

  • Initial briefing to assess your current set set up online analytics.
  • Thorough marketing strategy meeting with Steve Davis and Michael Shanahan, starting with clarification of your unique and viable point of difference, key audiences, customer need analysis, and perception in the marketplace.
  • With those elements identified and agreed upon, we will then develop a range of marketing activities set within the goals and principles of your marketing strategy.
  • Summary of strategic decisions made and actions planned, for your adoption and use.
  • Set up of analytics in line with the goals and targets of your marketing strategy so that you will have reliable reporting of the performance of your marketing activities. This is invaluable because it will make it easier for you to do more or less of certain actions, or change tack altogether if the market deems it necessary.

Key Points

Time To Get Serious

When it’s time to knuckle down and put a strageic framework into place for your marketing activity, this is your package. The key outcome is the peace of mind knowing why are you doing each of your actions and being able to measure their effectiveness.

Small To Mid To Larger

Although this package was developed with  solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and mid-sized enterprises with a small range of products in mind, larger or more complex entities will find it is useful, even on a division by division basis for getting clarity on current activities and an injection of fresh ideas from “outsiders”.


We’ve met too many business people who’ve felt their engagement of consultants or designers to carry out strategy development has been a waste of time. Typically, many firms just use boilerplate documents that copy and paste decisions from one client to another (oh yes, we’ve met consultants like these, and even worked for them). What will be most attractive about this package (and all our work) is that we welcome accountability, which is why all activities will be measurable by you, into the future.

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