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There is only one thing worse than suddenly having to do all your business and communications online and that’s not doing it. We can help you get there fast – just talk to us.

Why would I choose an online marketing consultation?

With Australia disrupted by COVID-19, everything has changed.

And yet despite the changes, your business or organisation is still striving to stay afloat and evolve.

By choosing an online marketing consultation, you get direct access to two experienced marketers, to bounce off ideas and use as a sounding board for innovation.

We’ve made ourselves available for extended hours and in small parcels of time to give you the flexibility you need to get answers or insights or inspiration, when you need it!

This just wouldn’t be practical face-to-face but virtual meetings give us this flexibility to hold short, affordable bursts of marketing action.

Choose from a 15-20 minute rapid fire session, a 30 or 60 minute session, or start one of our important marketing packages with the meeting components all held online.

We generally use Zoom for our meetings and we can guide you in its set up.

Choose your Online Consultations

Here are three options to get you started

15-20 minutes

15-20 minutes

Price: $60 +GST

Got a quick question or two? Just want to get back to Steve Davis or Michael Shanahan separately? This is the fast, low cost way to get input on demand. You can even use this session just to help you get your online meeting confidence up!

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30 minutes

30 minutes

Price: $150 +GST

Two experienced marketers, all yours, for one, value-packed session. Fire your questions, get plot a course for next steps, get work reviewed; the choice is yours. We love this consultation option because you get to cover as much ground as possible before taking a deep breath and considering your next steps!

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60 minutes

60 minutes

Price: $300 +GST

We call this one the Hour Of Power. You get to ask questions and/or bounce ideas off two experienced marketers. For example, you can use the hour to have an in depth round table discussion, or start with a shopping list of tasks and have one of us doing things to your website while the other talks, and vice versa. And, yes, you can book us for longer, just ask!

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Client Testimonials

“I was fortunate enough to attend a Mentoring session with Steve Davis yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. He came up with innovative concepts and made me look at my business in a different light. I have also attended 2 workshops facilitated by Steve and each time his delivery has been great. He is passionate, entertaining and really brings the message across in an easy to understand manner.”


“Motivating, informative and entertaining. Steve offers sound advice on current marketing and tech trends.”


“Steve is a marketing expert that actually speaks plain English and gets results.”


“I’ve dealt with plenty of marketeers in the course of my work life, and I’m am continuously amazed at the propensity for bull-dung!
Steve cuts through in conversation and in professionalism. He’s a breath-of-fresh air in a jaded industry.
When you see the imaginative and courageous way Steve markets his own business you’ll understand how he can make things happen in yours.”


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