Adelaide Fringe Marketing Package

Adelaide Fringe Marketing Package

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Sick of throwing money at Facebook and just hoping for the best?

You put all your time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into your Adelaide Fringe show, so wouldn’t it be nice to perform to an audience of more than your supportive friends and family?

Let’s face it, they’ve probably already seen you rehearsing in your living room or at open mic nights over the past year (or weeks).

That’s why Steve Davis, Wendy Torbet, and the Talked About Marketing team have put together the Adelaide Fringe Marketing Package.

This will help you identify and reaching your target audience, focus your creative energies and give you a promotion plan. Plus, you’ll get extra publicity (every bit counts) from their networks, and they’ll set up Google Analytics properly so you can get daily updates to tell you what marketing efforts are working, and which ones are not.

With the help of your new marketing team, with decades of experience producing, performing, and reviewing Adelaide Fringe productions, you can not only get bums on seats but find out how they got there.

So we would like to help you break even … nay turn a profit this fringe festival.

If you have ever thought about how to increase your marketing potential the time is now; Adelaide Fringe 2021 is the year for local artists!

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As Matt Tarrant has said at a Fringe marketing forum meeting, the secret to him being able to sell out shows in advance is that, apart from having a good show, from day one he has worked hard to capture contact details from every audience member.

This is the ultimate way to achieve success in Adelaide Fringe marketing, which is why it is built into the DNA of this marketing package.

Whether or not you have your own list of fans already, as you go about your marketing, promotion, and performance, we’ll be making sure you are growing your “list” the whole time.

What’s in the standard Adelaide Fringe Marketing Package?

For $550 +GST, we will cover the following items.

Private Facebook Group

We’ll be running a private Facebook group, just for our Fringe clients. We’ll use this to help share insights and updates, and answer questions.

We’ll also launch with a group Zoom meeting before organising your one on one, face to face meeting for developing your Marketing Inventory – see below.

Marketing Inventory

What have you got to work with? What themes, props, costumes, characters, locations, etc, can be used to draw attention to your message?

We’ll have a private meeting with you, to lead you through that process of discovery, which will inform the content creation plan.

Communication Plan

Your communication plan will give you a publishing schedule to follow, along with content items for you to use and adapt in the lead up to your show.

With backgrounds spanning performing, producing, and reviewing Adelaide Fringe shows and other performance types, Steve Davis and Wendy Torbet will create some fresh, key messages for you to use, set you up with messaging and schedules, and create a promotion plan.

As a member of our group, you will also get access to preferential printing at special prices through Print Mint.

Measure Everything

The Adelaide Fringe has gotten its A-game on this year with its analytics reporting capability. However, we know many artists won’t make the most of it.

With the Talked About Marketing analytics team on your side, we’ll make sure your Google Analytics tracking is set up correctly, so we can generate daily reports to you showing what’s having the greatest (or least) impact in the ticket sales being generated.

Spread The Word

Whether or not a media person interviews you, having a well crafted media release makes sure your key messages or “pitch” is tight.

We’ll create and submit your media release through one of Australia’s top distribution networks, to help Google and journalists see what’s so special about your show.

We’ll also create a landing page and listing for you on The Adelaide Show Podcast’s SA Fringe Guide calendar. This will be an extra bit of Google real estate pointing to your Fringe listings.

As opportunities arise to promote shows being run by our clients, we’ll take them, and we’ll be encouraging all our Fringe Package participants to cross promote each other’s shows as well.

Valuable add ons for Adelaide Fringe Marketing

That’s a pretty hefty basic package, but there’s more.

You can choose to add on these valuable packages.

Professional Video

We have engaged a professional videographer and editor to do a group shoot.

On Saturday, January 9, 2021, you’ll come prepared with concept and costumes for your 45-minute shoot.

Then your 1-3 minute video will be edited and made available to you within 14 days, to include in your promotional efforts.

Plus, a group video will be produced featuring highlights from the shows of all clients who have taken up our basic package.

This video package is available to any Fringe artists for $299 +GST but if you’ve taken out our Fringe Marketing Package, you get it for $249 +GST with the bonus of being in the group video, too, for extra exposure.

Fringe Package Summary

The greatest stumbling block we’ve seen with Fringe shows over the years has been the lack of focus and the anxiety of not knowing what to post where and when – yes, that’s a mouthful. This package brings structure and focus to your efforts.
If you already have a video, just choose the standard package, if you only want a video, choose video only. We’re here to help and be as flexible as possible.

  • The central offer of this package is having experienced “outsiders” look at your production, think about potential audiences and messages, and draw the strands together into a core communication guide.
  • By getting clarity on messages most likely to resonate with particular audiences, we also draft a base collection of talking points for you to use and build upon in your social media activity.
  • We will schedule the first messages for you across up to three social media accounts in your Hootsuite or Buffer account – if you don’t have such accounts, we’ll guide through how to set one up properly to be used as the base of your social media sharing and scheduling.
  • The key message is also used to craft a media release that distills what you show is about and who might care most about it. Whether or not it garners direct media coverage, the process results in a sharper definition of your messaging and the news service used is on a domain trusted by Google to boost your show’s (and website’s – if you have one) visibility
  • We will craft a communication schedule for you to use so that you can add communication to your Fringe and pre-Fringe schedule in a structured way
  • We will make sure your Google Analytics code is feeding back into your account to give you meaningful insights into “what activity” on “what sites” is leading to Fringe ticket sales. Your report will be emailed daily and turned off after you show has finished
  • We will add you to the 2021 Online Calendar Of Fringe Shows being created by us on The Adelaide Show podcast website
  • We will be promoting shows by our clients across social media and as a reviewer, Steve will be sure to review or have your show reviewed, but each review will be completely impartial – nothing changes that, your participation simply means you make it onto his reviewing shortlist
  • In essence, this package is to help you focus on key messaging.

We don’t take over your accounts or do direct posting on your behalf but we can offer that service for a fee.

Other add-ons


During Fringe time, will will provide engaging flyering in key locations.

The cost will be $25 per hour +GST for members who have taken out our Marketing Package.

It will be $30 per hour +GST for non members.

Contact us to book it in. We’ll invoice separately for this service, closer to the date.

Fringe Concierge

If you’re an interstate act or unable to do basic things like collect posters from your printer and drop them off to your venue, we will be offering a concierge service.

For $40 per hour +GST (minimum one hour), we can make things happen for you.

Contact us to book it in. We’ll invoice separately for this service, closer to the date.

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