TAM Podcast Advertising Package


TAM Podcast Advertising Package

$2,300.00 exc GST

People are spending time listening to audio on their smartphones for more than 60 minutes every day.

By using our TAM Podcast Advertising Package, you can get your message right between their ears.

You don’t even need to know which podcasts they are listening to, you only need to tell us who your ideal customer is, where they live, work, and travel, and what their interests are.

We then work with you to put a short, attractive, spoken word ad together, get some artwork from you, and set it all in motion.

At the end of the campaign, you get detailed reporting so you know exactly what happened.

And, please remember, when we promise actual listens, we mean that. That’s why podcast advertising this smart way delivers Quality over Quantity.

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How do you get your message presented to smart people?

You target their podcasts.

How do you know what podcasts they listen to?

You can either guess OR you can use our dynamic and targeted podcast advertising system.

That's right, you tell us who your ideal customer is, and we'll lock and load your ad to play on the podcasts THEY listen to.

And with TAM Podcast Advertising, we use privacy systems that are GDPR-compliant, to determine how to profile listeners based on who they are, what they do, and what their interests are.

How does TAM Podcast Advertising work?

Firstly, let's just remember that more than 5 million Australians listen to podcasts every month, and that figure is growing.

That's 17% of the population actively seeking and listening to content they love.

This is why podcast listeners are much more engaged in their listening than people who just "chuck the radio on" or overhear the wireless while they're out and about.

Secondly, technology has bounded ahead since podcasts first began.

Nowadays, instead of one ad being locked into a podcast episode released last year, it now simply has a little audio space in it that remains empty until your ideal listener decides to download or stream that show. As they listen, if they really are your ideal listener and they are in the right place and time that are important to you, your ad will "magically" pop into that empty spot and become part of the podcast experience.

Want all small business people in South Australia to hear your message? We can do that, no matter whether they listen to The Adelaide Show Podcast or Secret Cofessions Of A Kitchenhand (actually, we're not sure we really want to listen to that one).

Want all car buyers who like news and current affairs from NSW and Queensland? We can do that too.

But wait, there's more! Some podcast players will display a square image for you with a link to your website or campaign page, while others invite listeners to shake their phone to follow the link.

And after all has run, you get a full report on how many actual listens, how far into each ad people listened, and what podcasts played host to your ads.

Get your message out there today

There are two ways to get your message between the ears of your audience today.

You can click through to buy our Dip Your Toes In package, getting you 40,000 listens for an introductory offer of $2300 plus GST. This includes us writing and producing your two 15-30 second ads, one asking listeners to shake their phones, the other sharing a simple web address or other Call To Action.

Alternatively, you can just contact us and we can craft a package for you.

We make podcasts, we understand podcasts, we love podcasts. And now, we can help you tap into this rich group of Australian listeners.

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