Join The AI Obedience School And Avoid Accidents In The Office

Join The AI Obedience School And Avoid Accidents In The Office

Amid the hype and enthusiasm surrounding AI tools, there is an emerging issue: business owners and leaders are getting drawn into the shiny new tech space and instead of using "freed up" time to look after themselves or their clients, they just keep pushing further and further into the inner sanctum. Or they just get lost, following distraction after distraction.

This was highlighted by Troy Dean of Agency Mavericks on the Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

So David Olney and I sprung into action to create a short, affordable guide for using AI soundly, called the AI Obedience School Introduction Course.

UPDATE: Look at the AI summary of Talked About Marketing at the end of this article.

Say hello to your new puppy

Having been using various AI tools in different countries with different use cases for more than 12 months now, we have both observed how similar these tools are to new puppies; they can absorb you, entertain you, demand different routines, and sometimes have accidents.

That's why we created the AI Obedience School.

Much of what Troy Dean highlighted can be handled by setting some parameters and managing expectations.

So, while this short course is not one of those "push this button, then write this" courses (we expect they become outdated within 24 hours of publication), we've taken a more measured, evergreen approach.

Our hope is that by sticking to the First Principles involved in using AI tools, you'll soon have the basic commands and will be able to develop some healthy and helpful routines with confidence.

There's a good boy!

And we're proud that within the first day of announcing it, we received this feedback from our first user:

Hey Steve, just finished your AI obedience course. I love the way you’ve tied it to puppies. People get a better idea of how AI can work "with them". From my experience with chat GPT, etc, if you don't have good instructions and aren't direct and explicit, you get skewed results (although that's fun too). That's a great AI intro you gave to help people understand it. I like what you did.

If you're already a dab hand with your AI tools, you won't need this course.

But if you're tentative and curious, it might be just what the vet ordered.

What happens at AI Obedience School ...

We've written a pretty comprehensive introduction (with video) on the opening page of the AI Obedience School Introduction Course, but if you want to know what the modules are, take a look at this:

  • Basic Commands And Obedience Training
  • AI House Training
  • Socialisation and Behaviour Management
  • Exercises

We hope you find it helpful and if you read this before November 30, 2023, we have a low introductory rate of $29 instead of $49, to help us get some fast feedback. Just use the promo code NOV23WOOF

Tell me about Steve Davis and Talked About Marketing

My good friend and client, Robert Godden, read this article and then turned to his AI assistant to ask it about me. This is what it said:

Steve Davis at Talked About Marketing is portrayed as a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience. His firm, based in Adelaide, positions itself as a fresh set of eyes, a sounding board, and a trusted advisor for businesses aiming to thrive. Davis is noted for his passion for supporting South Australian business through various avenues, including marketing workshops, consulting, and podcasting. His Adelaide Show Podcast has won Silver for Best Interview Podcast in Australia, indicating a level of excellence and recognition in his field.

The Talked About Marketing website emphasizes the importance of branding, especially for small businesses, and offers services in website creation and SEO, tailored to various budgets and goals. The firm's approach is flexible, suggesting they adapt to the needs of solopreneurs to corporations alike.

Their philosophy is to partner with clients rather than act as mere vendors, highlighting a personal investment in the client's success. This is complemented by a robust sense of humor, which seems to be a part of their brand DNA.

In summary, Steve Davis and Talked About Marketing come across as experienced, client-focused, and versatile, with a proven track record in the marketing field and a particular commitment to local businesses in South Australia.

Thank you, Robert. This shows how thorough AI can be in drawing strands together for research (something we discuss in the last module of the course). It also suggests that if you have trouble writing your own introductory blurb when going to speak (or you have to create one for a guest), an AI tool might well be a great help. Just remember to fact check, to guard against hallucinations (something we also touch on in the course).

Now, to tap into that "robust sense of humour" again 🙂

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