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We love a challenge. We love the spirit and drive that motivates you as you build your enterprise.

You make the economy (and the world) go round.

And that’s why we love sharing our knowledge and applying our insights to your challenges.

Every day we come across new questions and get to apply our experience from many different fields to a new situation.

Our clients find this process refreshing and innovative because, as the founding CEO of Virgin Blue, Brett Godfrey, notes, “radical innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines.”

So, if your business is stuck, or puzzled, or desperate to grow, follow one of the pathways below to learn more about how the Talked About Marketing team might be able to work with you.


There's only one thing worse than not knowing Talked About Marketing and that's not hiring them - Talked About Marketing

The importance of branding

Has your small business got an easy to understand branding strategy? Have you captured your brand values and “style” in one place, to guide you as you and your team interact with clients, customers, and the community? While some people think only big firms need to have a strong brand, it’s small businesses that benefit most. Take a look at our approach to see if it works for you.

Small business websites and SEO

Every business, organisation, or enterprise needs to grow sales. And we believe the foundation for this exercise is a professional website. And we have the experience and technology to craft a website for almost any budget, while focussing on your specific site goals such as making bookings, setting appointments, buying tickets, to attracting new members or donations. 

Do you need a marketing agency?

Many small business owners successfully work with marketing agencies but the trick is finding a firm that’s the right fit. Take Talked About Marketing for example (seeing you’re on our website). Our chief consultants, Steve Davis and David Olney, have years of experience in consulting; from solopreneurs to corporations. We’re flexible. Click through to learn more about our approach.

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