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Imagine being remembered as the person who organised THAT event – the one everyone loved and learned from?

Think of the kudos that flows from over-delivering on a delightful conference or training event that infused energy into participants, fostered engagement with each speaker, and ran on time!

Steve Davis can help you achieve that. 

He’s on a mission to rid the world and workplaces of boring, uninspiring gatherings that suck the oxygen from rooms as participants plod through swamps of information, tables, graphs, and statements.

With careers in radio, theatre, stand-up comedy, and marketing, Steve Davis brings a multidisciplinary approach to the role of Master of Ceremonies (MC). Steve ensures your event is seamless, engaging, and memorable.

Why Choose Steve Davis as Your MC?

Here are some of the elements included when you engage Steve Davis as your MC:

  • Disarming Humour: Steve uses humour to relax your guests.
  • Time Management: Ensures the event runs on schedule.
  • Strategic Messaging: Integrates key messages into his engaging banter.
  • Audience Engagement: Steve’s approach is about being present and curious, making events delightful and memorable.


Take a look at what people say about Steve’s work as a professional MC.

“Steve is the best MC I have worked with, he was not only able to define the tone and spirit of the event, but also put the time and research into understanding the speakers – creating a warmth and familiarity that was highly engaging for the audience. I would highly recommend Steve for any event where energy, humour, intellect and chemistry is required of the MC. – Carolyn Miller, The Hive Project and Gruen Transfer

“Our Business Luncheon audiences always applaud Steve Davis for his relevance, professionalism, and amusing style. He also takes care of time-keeping and logistics!” – Lyn Hay, Chief Executive, Adelaide Business Hub

“I have worked with Steve over the last 7+ years and have always found him to be energetic, highly professional, and 100% engaging. His capacity to understand the audience and provide relevant information is exceptional. While an MC, he’s also an entertainer who provides laughs and interesting stories.” – Shaun de Bruyn, CEO, Tourism Industry Council SA

Adelaide MC Services with Steve Davis

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Our Professional MC Services

An MC ensures smooth transitions, engages the audience, and reinforces key messages. Steve Davis’s approach is to imbue this work with thoughtful insights to achieve the outcomes noted by Carolyn Miller (Thrive Project, Gruen Transfer), who said he creates a sense of warmth and familiarity with the speakers, which helps to engage the audience.

Steve combines humour, professionalism, and strategic messaging from his multidisciplinary background. This adds nuance to his delivery. For example, a pure comedian might be entertaining but not ground their work in the business or marketing messaging important to the organisation. A warm and friendly MC might let things drag and not keep the event on time. And given he’s been in front of small and large groups in the business world many thousands of times in his 20+ years as a workshop presenter and speaker, his stagecraft is grounded in a quest to earn respect and trust, not swing in on the coat tails of celebrity and cash out on being a “known name”. He works hard for his money, as they say!

Steve meticulously plans and monitors the event schedule to ensure it runs smoothly. He is clear in his expectations with fellow speakers and should he need to intervene, it’s always done in a firm but friendly way, more like a velvet glove than an impatient tapping of the toes.

Yes. Everything Steve does is customised so that his approach aligns with your event’s theme and goals, and your organisational “voice” and style. That comes from years of “reading the audience” and, when he did talkback radio on Adelaide’s FIVEaa, having the audience give him direct feedback!

Character MCs like Professor Sebastian Longsword add a unique, entertaining element to the event. Everybody loosens up an little and relaxes when in the presence of the Professor. His disarming and eruditely cheeky banter helps people feel at ease and his networking exercises can melt even the hardest or most timid of hearts.

Steve uses humour, interactive segments, and relatable stories to captivate the audience, depending on the situation. One common rule of thumb is that he weaves the event’s or talk’s topic into his introductions of speakers, and draws from current events to further add relevance to the gathering. And don’t worry if your speaker has provided a long introductory bio full of jargon; the audience will get the engaging version!

Yes, Steve adapts his style to suit the tone and format of your event. One of the advantages of growing up with a dad as an Anglican priest is that he had to maintain a polite persona around the faithful. Later, in radio, he had to cover all manner of topics while respecting a general audience (unlike the anything goes model in the media today). Even in comedy clubs, he never enters vulgar territory, instead he pushes boundaries a little through euphamism and suggestion; always with a glint in his eye.

Yes, Steve is based in Adelaide but is available for events across Australia, and has done so, from the luxurious resorts of north Queensland to the most remote regions of the Northern Territory, from chilly Melbourne to most parts of Adelaide and South Australia.

Steve has experience with corporate events, conferences, and community events. He also does weddings and private events upon request.

Contact him through the website or via phone 0403022077 to discuss your event details and availability.

MC In Character

For a unique twist, Steve can also MC in character as Professor Sebastian Longsword, from The MBA School Of MBA Credentials.

As Professor Longsword, Steve delivers bespoke speeches, runs team bonding/networking events that break the ice faster than accelerated global warming, and can confer custom MBA degrees for staff/member achievements.

The Professor has appeared on stage at national conferences for the likes of Seeley International, awards ceremonies for organisations include BNI Adelaide North, Business SA, and the North West Business Awards, run private team bonding and networking events for organisations like Mildwaters Byrth Lawyers & Conveyancers and the Gawler Business Development Group, presented papers for the Australian Marketing Institute, and been guest MC for the South Australian Visitor Information Services Network.

Had a fantastic time at last week’s Australian Marketing Institute‘s networking event. Professor Steve Davis otherwise known as Sebastian Longsword, shared some hilarious insights on marketing, MBAs, and AI. If only it were that easy! hashtagAMI hashtagNetworking hashtagMarketingHumor – Amber Wegener, Marketing & Business Development Executive, Grant Thornton

Client Testimonials

Hello Steve, this is a follow up note to say thanks for an informative and fun evening on 16 May with the Australian Marketing Institute. We really enjoyed it and had positive feedback from the audience - and all walked away with an honorary MBA too. We will all no doubt follow your endeavours on the radio and social media.
Christine Evans
Australian Marketing Institute SA
Steve Davis is a brilliant MC for events and business meetings. These can often be tedious occasions and it can be difficult to keep concentration levels at an all time high. Steve engages with humour, intelligence, timeliness and warmth and can deal with changes in programs with ease . A true professional, I would highly recommend Steve Davis to work with you on a successful event.
Miriam Ward
Regional Tourism Manager – Clare Valley & Southern Flinders Ranges
We had the pleasure of engaging Steve Davis recently as our MC for our regional tourism conference. Steve was the perfect host for this vibrant group of tourism professionals. His humour and wit was the perfect icebreaker on the opening night and set the tone for the rest of the conference. Steve did his homework on each speaker as he introduced them with entertaining stories as well as pertinent facts, which both alarmed and amused the speakers in equal measure. He was also a valued speaker, providing excellent insights and advice as one of our sessional speakers on the topic of customer service and upselling. Steve was also a very good timekeeper, ensuring the conference went smoothly and to schedule. In short, we were delighted with Steve’s contribution to our conference, he was most definitely a key part of its success and I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as an entertaining, capable and efficient Master of Ceremonies and speaker.
Naomi Blacker
Manager Economic Development & Tourism Growth, City of Port Lincoln

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