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Three hours of "me time" for your business

We all get busy. We all have what Stephen Covey calls “important but not urgent” items on our to do lists. And it just so happens we can help you with one of them.

If you’ve been wanting to set some time aside to get some clarity about your marketing, kick your blogging into gear, sharpen your use of your smartphone for taking better photos and videos, tame the Google Analytics beast so you start getting useful insights into what is helping (or not helping) your business reach your audiences, a mentoring session with Steve Davis or Michael Shanahan could be just the thing to help you take action.

Through the Adelaide Business Hub, we can help you apply for a special allowance of three hours of our time, subsidised for you at a special price of just $44, so that we can help you take stock of your digital marketing challenges and help forge a plan you can follow.

To get your session approved, click the button below to email Steve so you can register your interest. He’ll then send you a link to a special registration form. Remember, the main criteria include that your ABN is registered in SA, is NOT a not-for-profit, that you don’t employ more than 20 people, and that you haven’t used mentoring from the previous program in the past 2 years.

We look forward to helping you.

Mentoring is a brain to pick

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