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Steve Davis has published hundreds of blog posts about marketing and communication and now, at Talked About Marketing, he is starting afresh. If you’re here during mid-2019, you’ll find only a few articles for now but there’ll be more because blogging is life! Well, blogging is certainly what adds life to marketing efforts (and professional development). You might also want to subscribe to the Talked About Marketing monthly newsletter because it will bundle up recent writings into one place, while alerting you to new workshops and events that might benefit your business.

Online Meetings

Zoom Meetings and Workshops

During this time of physical isolation due to COVID-19, Michael Shanahan and Steve Davis are holding strategy and marketing meetings online, from short sessions to full length meetings, and also running online workshops and networking sessions. 


Marketing Articles

Nasty, brutish, and fast: The truth about ecommerce

There's no doubt that if you're considering online sales as part of your business strategy, the truth about ecommerce in this era of Amazon, echoes the famous saying by Thomas Hobbes about life in nature being nasty, brutish, and short. At the Rethinking Business...

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Kindness in business: A pathway to profit and happiness

Is there room for kindness in business? At a time when many of are carrying an even greater burden of underlying stress than usual, due to Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, without kindness, it is rare for businesses or...

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Talked About Marketing turns one year old

A quick reflection today on how fast life slips by. To think that Talked About Marketing turns one today, blows my mind a little, because I can still picture everyone at the Mercury Cinema for the launch. For someone like me doing something like I do to survive, it...

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Better smartphone photos and video for small business

For many years, I've been running workshops helping small business people use their smartphone cameras to take better photos and video and this post covers some of the main points I cover. In essence, there are a few key things to consider when capturing photos and...

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