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What's The Point In Belonging To The Brand?
In this era of companies letting staff go impersonally by SMS or email, it’s hard to find arguments...
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X Usurps Twitter - The Bird Has Flown
One wonders if The Beatles were being prophetic when singing the following lines from Norwegian Wood: And...
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Do You Do Authentic Marketing?
What is the difference between authentic marketing and superficial marketing? Authentic marketing uses...
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Turn Heads With Some Punk Rock Marketing For Your Business
If your marketing is more Cliff Richard rather than Sid Vicious, it might be time to employ some punk...
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Coke Adds Life To AI - Well, At Least A Little Fizz
Coca Cola has released a commercial that builds upon Andy Warhol’s famous painting of a Coke bottle...
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Do We Need To Foster Delayed Gratification In Our Customers? We'll Reveal Our Thoughts At The End Of This Article
Have you noticed customers becoming more easily distracted, more prone to boredom, more likely to not...
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The Discipline Of Perception: Smart Marketing Strives To See Things As “They” See Them
Conversation with a small gathering of friends over the long weekend has cascaded into a reflection on...
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The Founder’s Dilemma: Building your business without blunting your people
During my years of working as a consultant, I have regularly discerned a gap between leaders’ vision...
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Embrace Digital Distrust: It Might Save Your Business, Money, And Privacy
One of the nicest and most humane things we can teach others is to embrace digital distrust. As happens...
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If Website Analytics Is King, Your Small Business Knowledge Is Parliament
This is a short reflection to add some nuance to claims people make that website analytics is king. Frankly,...
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We’ll Soon Configure Google Analytics 4 For You. Wait, What?
If we helped you configure Google Analytics on your website during the past 15 years, you might be surprised...
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A Question For Marketers: Why Do We Need To Belong To A Community?
We’ve noticed all the makings of “community” within the hundreds of business owners...
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A Short Open Letter To Our Clients: The Marketing Rebellion Demands Turning Over A New Leaf
I’ve always understood marketing to be an enterprise in which humans provide value to other humans...
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New Year, New Marketing Plan: Why You Should Structure Your Vision Like A Terraced Hillside
With a New Year and new marketing plan in the future for most of us, we could take inspiration from...
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A Marketer's Christmas Message Written With Chat GPT
Here’s a marketer’s Christmas message for you, at the end of 2023, co-written by the AI engine...
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