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To blog or not to blog? Consider the 9 benefits of blogging before you answer
To blog or not to blog is not really a question for anyone in business who wants to grow and expand their...
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The most effective small business marketing activity is doing nothing
When is “doing nothing” the most effective small business marketing activity? Simple. When...
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How to humblebrag on LinkedIn like a pro - if you want to
LinkedIn usage has spiked during Covid-19 restrictions, with some reports saying traffic is up by 300%,...
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Talked About Marketing turns one year old
A quick reflection today on how fast life slips by. To think that Talked About Marketing turns one today,...
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How to avoid making kneejerk marketing decisions amid Covid-19 disruptions
Tonight, I despair the small business owners being lured by huckster tricks into making kneejerk marketing...
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Better smartphone photos and video for small business
For many years, I’ve been running workshops helping small business people use their smartphone...
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SMART goals lead to smarter marketing
I almost didn’t write a post about SMART goals for marketing because the term has been around for...
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Exposing yourself to social media marketing
There were a number of themes developed during my social media marketing workshop with members of the...
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Raising a finger to empathy in business: Marketing lessons from Ceduna and Kangaroo Island
This will be one of the shortest blogs I’ve ever written because it is about an observation from...
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My Why, my Why, my kingdom for a Why: How you can unlock drive and clarity with Simon Sinek's Start With Why process
The Start With Why process is not new but like many insights that require work, it often gets lumped...
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In praise of podcasts for professional development: No, hear me out!
One of the most efficient, enriching, and entertaining ways of using commute time or exercise time is...
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Does the world need more marketing content? Yes, and no.
Does the world need more marketing content? Do I really need to write another blog? Why should I bother...
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3 updated reasons for using odd numbered lists in your blog post titles
I wrote a blog post six years ago entitled, 3 powerful reasons for using odd numbered lists in your blog...
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The basics of SEO: Google is not a mind reader (yet)
What are the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? For those of use who have been working with...
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People aren't stupid: The case for authentic empathy in marketing
If people are failing to buy from you or stay with you, the first thing to check is how well you’ve...
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