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Want to discover South Australian tourism treasures? Start with Visitor Information Centres' pearls of wisdom
Whether you’re a tourist ready to explore South Australia or an operator working in the South Australian...
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Is your website a dog's breakfast? Great, now throw Google an SEO bone
A dog’s breakfast is meant to mean something messy and disorganised but if you use it to mean you’re...
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Russian warship go f*ck yourself: Should your brand take a stand during war?
It’s a luxurious question for marketers here in Australia and other parts of the West, should your...
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A marketer's search for meaning: Time to decide what's important
As I emerge from a self-imposed “holiday” from social media and a summer of fruitful reading,...
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Reboot your business by rebooting yourself for 2022: Reflections from a day at the cricket
As the 2021 Christmas season approaches (quickly), I am writing this short reflection about how it’s...
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Hallelujah: New resources to boost online security for small business
When I mention online security for small business I do note that many, many business people’s eyes...
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Customer Service Marketing in a time of Covid
The term, Customer Service Marketing, compels us to pay close attention to that part of the customer...
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7 quick wins for small business cybersecurity: How to keep your website, passwords, and email secure
Small businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrimes, and that number is increasing, which is why...
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3 insights and a diagram from the SA Business Conference 2021 in Gawler
When you go to an event like the SA Business Conference, organised by the Gawler Business Development...
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A hat-trick of business and marketing insights from cricket
Inspiration can strike us anywhere and in my case it came hurtling towards me at speeds of 135 km/h....
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Who moved my Facebook?
Facebook’s blunt blocking of any Business Pages that loosely might be characterised as “news...
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But it's not Google: Will Bing cover the gap if and when we lost THAT search engine?
A few clients have asked us whether or not they should be worried by Google’s threat to remove...
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Nasty, brutish, and fast: The truth about ecommerce
There’s no doubt that if you’re considering online sales as part of your business strategy,...
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8 essential marketing research steps every digital strategy needs
This may seem obvious but everybody should start with these marketing research steps before developing...
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Kindness in business: A pathway to profit and happiness
Is there room for kindness in business? At a time when many of are carrying an even greater burden of...
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