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Marketing needs to be worth talking about and that’s what we’re here to help you achieve

From Oscar Wilde to Seth Godin, the great communicators have understood that creating remarkable content (content worth remarking about) is the key to creating interest, engagement, and even fame. At Talked About Marketing, we focus on finding and mining the gems of interesting content already within your organisation and your story, and then shaping our findings into marketing content that’s worth talking about.

But “talk” for its own sake is cheap. So, we take an earnest approach to marketing content planning and creation to make sure we’re highlighting the most important and relevant things to the most important and relevant audiences. That’s the importance of marketing earnestly, as Wilde might have said!

The Secret Ingredients

Every consultancy is a blend of different skills and experiences and Talked About Marketing is no different. Owner and principal, Steve Davis, will bring a number of different disciplines to the table when he meets with you to discuss your marketing needs. With 17 years in radio and journalism overlapping in part with 20 years as a business consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker, you can trust you’re talking with someone who understands how to structure communication in many different forms. Any marketing strategy or content creation produced for you will also be enhanced by two seemingly contrary fields of experience. Steve’s MBA in Marketing Management will bring structure to his thinking while his newfound exploration of stand-up comedy will bring a sharpness and zest to his writing; a secret ingredient, indeed, in a world of generic corporatese!

There are also practical skills that are available, should you need them. Steve has personally produced more than 1,000 WordPress websites, delivered thousands of marketing, social media, and video/photography workshops to an estimated 8,000 businesses, delivered after dinner talks and keynote speeches, and is an experienced podcaster producing The Adelaide Show and bespoke podcasts for clients. These skills will not be needed in every Talked About Marketing project, but knowing they are there to call upon or to guide discussions with other service providers on your behalf, should bring some extra peace of mind.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis


Steve has worked directly as a marketing consultant since 1999, building on his previous career in advertising and marketing in commercial radio. His interest in the arts has spanned performing to reviewing and he is a member of the ABC Adelaide Smart Arts program as a critic.

This immersion in the arts directly impacts his marketing work by ensuring any writing, speaking, training, and even web development, all have a sense of presence and flair for the desired audience.

Michael Shanahan

Michael Shanahan


Michael has worked in the marketing field for many years, from the education and design sectors to larger entities like Zoos SA and Novita. He entered this field through his cutting edge work in animation and theatre, combined with his first career as a teacher.

Michael’s attention to detail coupled with his mindset of capturing data to measure progress towards goals, means he brings a directorial discipline to his work so clients and colleagues are given guidance that makes sure everybody has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

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Beliefs and Values

My beliefs and values are simple. I believe consultant and client should engage each other earnestly, trusting the other has their best needs at heart. I also believe that if you have needs that sit outside my skillset, I will tell you, up front. I truly believe the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, as Oscar Wilde wrote, and so I have a duty to urge us to think more deeply and try harder to earn the attention of our target audiences. And I believe life is too short not to have some fun as we work together. – Steve Davis 


You and I pledge to be honest with each other in all our dealings. We will let each other know when something doesn’t make sense, and we will name our fears or concerns as they arise during the course of a project. Things change and life happens and we will communicate any changes or challenges openly and honestly, as quickly as possible.


You and I pledge to operate together in an environment of trust. This means I will keep your plans and discussions confidential, and your data and passwords stored securely. Money can bring trust issues to the surface so I will pledge to give you detailed invoices so you know exactly what you are paying for and you will pledge to pay those invoices on time.


You and I pledge to create marketing content and plan marketing initiatives that are ethical. This means there are some product and services areas in which I cannot operate, such as homeopathy and services that engage in deceitful or high pressure sales and spamming. In short, human decency is a pretty good barometer for how to act and behave in life and work, so as long as your endeavour doesn’t hurt people and tries to leave a light footprint on the planet, we are going to have a great time working together. If in doubt, let’s talk about it.

Who He Is

50 Shades Of Steve

Well, six shades. Here are some shots of Steve in action in various facets of his life.



The Adelaide Show



Hilton Adelaide



ABC Adelaide



Dunwrights TVC



Melbourne International Comedy Festival



Baristador Coffee

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

Owner, Principal

Steve Davis is a marketing consultant and marketing communication expert based in Adelaide, Australia.

He has spent 20 years working in different parts of Australia, helping small to medium clients prepare marketing strategy and put it into action.

His primary area of interest is in taking the insights and goals from a marketing strategy and crafting content that will engage audiences.

Steve grew up in Adelaide, began his radio career at Murray Bridge, South Australia, before moving to Hungary. While there, Steve edited and presented a daily, half-hour current affairs program for Magyar Rádió (Hungary’s national broadcaster). He then moved to London before returning to Australia and transitioning into marketing and business consulting.

In his radio career, Steve has conducted more than 45,000 interviews. His list of favourite interviewees includes the late Ruth Cracknell, John Schumann, and David Attenborough.

Steve’s background in radio, video production, theatre, improv, and standup comedy, all combine to bring a freshness to the communication task at hand, whether it be website copy, brochures, letters, or grant and award applications.

He is known for writing and delivering helpful, engaging workshops and has presented to owners and staff from more than 8,000 businesses around Australia. For many of these, he has also produced websites (more than 1,000) and has become a “WordPress whisperer” for a number of clients.

Steve is a Certified Practising Marketer and a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute.

He holds an MBA in Marketing Management.

Steve is also a theatre reviewer and media commentator for ABC Adelaide, working alongside Peter Goers and Samela Harris. 

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