About Talked About Marketing

From Oscar Wilde to Seth Godin, the great communicators have understood that creating remarkable content (content worth remarking about) is the key to creating interest and engagement, on the way to brand awareness, sales, and profit. 

In fact, the name of our enterprise is based on Oscar Wilde’s famous quip: There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about!

At Talked About Marketing, we focus on finding and mining the gems of interesting content already within your organisation and your story, and then shaping our findings into marketing content that’s worth talking about.

But “talk” for its own sake is cheap. So, we take an earnest approach to strategy creation, branding development, content marketing planning and creation, to make sure we’re highlighting the most important and relevant things to the most important and relevant audiences.

Therefore, we now say: There’s only one thing better than being talked about and that’s getting customers!

As Wilde might have said, That’s the importance of marketing earnestly!

Marketing needs to be worth talking about. That's what we're here for to help you achieve - Talked About Marketing

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