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From Oscar Wilde to Seth Godin, the great communicators have understood that creating remarkable content (content worth remarking about) is the key to creating interest and engagement, on the way to brand awareness, sales, and profit. 

In fact, the name of our enterprise is based on Oscar Wilde’s famous quip: There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about!

At Talked About Marketing, we focus on finding and mining the gems of interesting content already within your organisation and your story, and then shaping our findings into marketing content that’s worth talking about.

But “talk” for its own sake is cheap. So, we take an earnest approach to strategy creation, branding development, content marketing planning and creation, to make sure we’re highlighting the most important and relevant things to the most important and relevant audiences.

Therefore, we now say: There’s only one thing better than being talked about and that’s getting customers!

As Wilde might have said, That’s the importance of marketing earnestly!

Marketing needs to be worth talking about. That's what we're here for to help you achieve - Talked About Marketing
Steve Davis Talked About Marketing Adelaide

Steve Davis

Principal, GP Of Marketing, Talked About Marketing,
Co-host, Talking About Marketing Podcast

It would be fair to say Steve is like a GP of Marketing. Having been involved with more than 8,000 small business people over his many years of intensive workshop delivery, he has been confronted by a range of questions and problems, and worked with people to create solutions.
Applying creativity is his key to success, as well as helping people improve their own skills within content creation, whether through words, photos, or videos. Plus, with more than 1,000 WordPress sites under his belt, there aren't many WordPress issues that he can't solve, or sub-optimal WordPress sites he can't help recover and boost with his team.
Throughout his 20+ years as a marketing communication consultant and creative director, Steve has drawn on his background in radio, journalism, and theatre, to create content that gets his clients "talked about". During this time, he has also delivered workshops to thousands of businesses, been a keynote speaker, and, in 2013 he started The Adelaide Show podcast which has built a loyal audience and been a finalist in the national podcast awards.
Sectors he's worked in, on behalf of clients, include:
- Tourism
- Food and Beverage
- Health
- Professional Services
- Home Improvements and Trade
- Building Supplies
- The Arts
- IT
- Mental Health
Steve believes all businesses are sitting on goldmines of potential content and his role is to help you unlock those valuable marketing assets.

David Olney Talked About Marketing Adelaide

David Olney

Marketing Strategist, Talked About Marketing,
Co-host, Talking About Marketing Podcast

When David began podcasting in 2016, he discovered the missing piece of the professional puzzle he had been searching for: how persuasively you can communicate an idea is more important to your audience than how hard you worked to develop the idea.
David brings skills, experience, and academic rigour to the Talked About Marketing team, drawing from his varied career, including:
- Developing and teaching courses on Complex Problem Solving at the University of Adelaide
- Creating three podcasts of thought leadership, including Blind Insights with David Olney
- Studying Strategic Communication
- Working as a Business Development Specialist at Speakeasy Marketing Inc.
Through these endeavours, David has honed his skills in storytelling, persuasion, inbound marketing, and creating buyer personas.
David is available to lead discussions and planning sessions to help you:
- Refine your message
- Identify your ideal audience/customers
- Develop a strategy to create value, rapport, and trust with your customers.
As well as teaching Strategic Culture and Complex Problem Solving at the University of Adelaide for 15 years, David has trained teams in the Public and Private sector to solve complex problems since 2014.
Persuading people is often more difficult than solving a complex problem, and David has the insights and experience to help you successfully progress your project.

David Murrin

Website, WordPress, and Email Expert

Tim Whiffen

Podcast Editor, Podcast Host, Podcast Insider

Jen Collins

Design, Style, Logo, Stationery, and Print Expert

Casey Cumming

Illustrator, Design, and Infographic Expert

Thomas Bussenschutt

Website, WordPress, and Design Expert

Louise Drummond

Sales Training, Business Mentor, Writer

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