Planning Meetings

Elevate Your Team's Strategic Vision Through Transformative Planning Meetings With David Olney And Steve Davis

Forget everything you know about strategic planning meetings.

Our approach at Talked About Marketing combines “learning” with “planning” to deal with the Planning Falacy head on. That fallacy basically holds that being smart in a particular field of expertise does not necessarily mean we are good at planning within that field. Planning is its own discipline.

With David Olney at the helm, your planning meetings will benefit from more than a decade of his intense work, teaching complex problem solving at the University Of Adelaide, grounded by years of consultancy work; putting the theory into practice.

That, coupled with the insights Steve Davis brings from his two decades of consulting to business and organisations, you and your team will be supported, engaged, and inspired, as they discover they have more potential than they might have realised.

"You have probably heard that famous quote from Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Well, I am going to take that thought and reverse it: “We do what we repeatedly are.” Recall a time when you demonstrated one of your signature qualities in your role as a leader. Next, remember how you felt, what you said, and what you did. Finally, think about how you might apply those qualities, those strengths to a current situation you face. When you can intentionally call forth your signature qualities, they become launching pads for what you do as a highly effective leader."

A Personalised Experience Tailored to Your Needs

Our planning days are unique because they are deeply personalised. We believe that you are the experts in your field, and our role is to unlock the treasure chest of insights and decision-making abilities within your team.

It’s not about us leading from the front; it’s about guiding you to discover the solutions that work best for you.

We bring a wealth of knowledge about effective planning, synthesising years of expertise into actionable strategies for your team. Our goal is to leave you not just with a plan, but with enhanced planning skills that will serve you well into the future.

Our twin aims are to achieve engagement and clarity as we work with you on a day of productive planning. Our sessions are designed to end with your team feeling clear and confident about the next steps.

Expect the meeting to end with a balance of excitement and exhaustion — a sign of a day well-spent in intellectual and strategic exercise!

"Thank you Steve and David for a lovely day with lots of reflective information. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and even my restless husband says he picked up a new thing or two."

Strategic planning meetings with David Olney and Steve Davis from Talked About Marketing Adelaide

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Harnessing The Power Of High Reliability Organisation (HRO) Insights In Our Planning Meetings

At Talked About Marketing, our planning meetings with David Olney and Steve Davis are further enhanced by integrating principles from High Reliability Organisations (HROs). Drawing from David’s extensive experience in teaching and applying HRO doctrines, we bring a unique depth to our planning sessions that prepares your team for high-stakes environments.

HROs are great role models because they operate in sectors where the stakes are highest — like emergency medicine, aviation, and nuclear power — and their success hinges on managing complex, high-risk situations effectively.

Our planning meetings introduce your team to what makes these levels of preparedness and resilience possible.

In a world where crises are just around the corner, our planning meetings equip your team with the mindset and tools to excel in high-probability/high-consequence scenarios. We help you shift from a low-probability mindset to one that is ready to confront and overcome the challenges that define our times.

  1. Preoccupation with Failure: We instill a mindset that is always vigilant and anticipates potential challenges, turning your team's focus towards proactive problem-solving rather than reactive firefighting.
  2. Reluctance to Simplify: In our planning meetings, we avoid oversimplification. Every aspect of your business environment is examined in detail to ensure comprehensive understanding and planning.
  3. Sensitivity to Operations: Our sessions are grounded in real-world scenarios and experiences. This approach ensures that strategies are practical, relevant, and immediately applicable to your operational context.
  4. Commitment to Resilience: We prioritise developing a culture of resilience within your team. Our planning exercises are designed to enhance your team's ability to adapt, recover, and thrive amidst challenges.
  5. Deference to Expertise: Recognizing that expertise often comes from front-line experience, our planning meetings give voice to diverse perspectives within your team, ensuring that insights from various levels of your organization are valued and incorporated.

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to embrace strategic planning in a fresh, new way, that builds on your existing personnel and corporate assets, let’s talk about how we can make this happen.

As part of our discussion, we’ll make sure we have the right environment for the planning day or meeting because that’s crucial for its success. Comfortable settings, appropriate facilities, and a responsive approach to the needs of the group are all part of our meticulous planning. We will work with you to make sure every aspect of the day is conducive to creativity and productivity.

In planning meetings, size does matter, so we’ll encourage you to select up to 10 people to take part. This size allows for meaningful interaction and ensures that every voice is heard. If your organisation is larger, we recommend multiple sessions to maintain the quality and impact of the experience.

Ready To Plan Your Success?

If you’re interested in holding a strategic planning meeting, a planning day, or a series of meetings that will change the way your team approaches challenges, contact us to start the conversation. 

Our planning meetings will include:

  • A Tailored Approach: Our sessions are customised to your organisation’s specific needs and dynamics.
  • Expert Facilitation: You benefit from the combined expertise of David Olney and Steve Davis.
  • Practical Outcomes: Walk away with not just a plan, but improved skills and strategic insights.
  • Engaging and Interactive: Our sessions are dynamic, interactive, and designed to elicit the best from your team.
  • Positive Environment: We ensure a comfortable and conducive setting for productive planning.

Let’s unlock the potential of your team together.

"Asset-based thinking is looking at yourself and the world through the eyes of what’s working, what strengths are present, what the potentials are. Deficit-based thinking is looking at yourself and the world through what’s not working, what’s wrong, the gaps. When we focus primarily on the deficits, it holds us back. We may be able to correct the mistake, but we’ve lost the opportunity. There are many people who are capable of asset-based thinking. They just have to be introduced to it. It becomes an intentional way for you to navigate through your day."

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Enquire today about booking a planning meeting, day, or series of session with David Olney and Steve Davis from Talked About Marketing.

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