Welcome to Talked About Marketing

Talked About Marketing is the result of an obsessive compulsion for supporting business in South Australia and beyond.

We eat, drink, breathe, read, write, drive, video, blog, research, teach, mentor, ride, sleep, talk, walk, and talk some more about small business marketing, particularly in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Steve Davis, the founder of Talked About Marketing, has a passion for supporting South Australia both through his marketing workshops and consulting, but also through his passion project, The Adelaide Show Podcast, which has been running since 2013 and been a finalist in the national podcast awards.

Through his marketing career, spanning more than 20 years, Steve has supported more than 8,000 businesses in South Australia and interestate.

This passion for his clients, which is shared by David Olney and the rest of the team, translates into a marketing partner that will bend over backwards for you to help build your enterprise.

Your success is our success.

There's only one thing better than being talked about and that's getting customers - talked about marketing

The importance of branding

Has your small business got an easy to understand branding strategy? Have you captured your brand values and “style” in one place, to guide you as you and your team interact with clients, customers, and the community? While some people think only big firms need to have a strong brand, it’s small businesses that benefit most. Take a look at our approach to see if it works for you.

Small business websites and SEO

Every business, organisation, or enterprise needs to grow sales. And we believe the foundation for this exercise is a professional website. And we have the experience and technology to craft a website for almost any budget, while focussing on your specific site goals such as making bookings, setting appointments, buying tickets, to attracting new members or donations. 

Do you need a marketing agency?

Many small business owners successfully work with marketing agencies but the trick is finding a firm that’s the right fit. Take Talked About Marketing for example (seeing you’re on our website). Our chief consultants, Steve Davis and David Olney, both of years of experience in consulting; from solopreneurs to corporations. We’re flexible. Click through to learn more about our approach.

Steve Davis presenting a marketing workshop about website planning and blogging for Business Alexandrina at Goolwa
Steve Davis presenting a marketing workshop about website planning and blogging for Business Alexandrina at Goolwa

We're your partners, not vendors

We believe that business IS personal. That means when you work with us, we care. We care about your business goals and we care about you as a fellow human. 

In short, we’re on your side to help you make the right decisions for your business as your trusted advisors. We’re not here to just sell stuff to you.

And as you’ll see when you meet us in workshops, we’ll listen to your questions, ask some more, and then tailor our answers and advice to meet your needs as best as we can.

Oh, you’ll probably have some laughs too. There’s a robust sense of humour folded into the Talked About Marketing DNA.

Some of our treasured clients ...

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