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Your Emails May No Longer Be Delivered - Immediate Action Required!

Your Emails May No Longer Be Delivered – Immediate Action Required! And, sadly, this is not a drill.

In the wake of the February 2024 significant shift in the email landscape, the delivery of your business emails has potentially been scuttled, which includes client enquiries, orders, and invoices.

Imagine a scenario where a prospective customer fills out a contact form on your website, eagerly awaiting a response that never arrives.

This isn’t just a missed connection; it’s a lost opportunity, possibly affecting your revenue significantly.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, this scenario has become a startling reality.

What’s Changed?

In a bold move against spam, Google and Yahoo set new standards for email delivery.

They now require emails to possess three levels of authentication (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) to be considered trustworthy. Previously, one or two methods sufficed.

This change marks a monumental shift: without these authentications, your emails to Gmail or Yahoo users – who represent nearly half of the 4.5 billion email accounts worldwide – will not reach their intended inboxes.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Given the vast number of Gmail and Yahoo users, the impact is clear: without action, your communication with a significant portion of your clientele is at risk.

At the time of writing this page, Apple has also indicated it will adopt similar measures, with other providers expected to follow.

The message is clear: the era of leniency in email authentication is over.


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Email Health Check

Understanding the technicalities of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC settings can be overwhelming, but ensuring your business’s uninterrupted communication is where we step in.

To address this urgent need, we’ve developed a comprehensive Email Health Check for $250 +gst. This service includes:

  • A thorough audit of your domain and email settings.
  • Updates to your authentication records to meet the new requirements.

While we share your frustration with the necessity of these changes, fighting spam is a battle we all face together. These stringent measures are the world’s collective effort to ensure safer, more reliable email communication.

Next Steps

Click below to start the Email Health Check process. Our team is ready to implement these essential updates swiftly and efficiently, safeguarding your email deliverability against these new global standards.

Email Guardian

The Email Guardian service is an ongoing service that creates a space for you in our fresh, clean email hosting. Think of it like this.

When your website tries to send an email to you or your customers, it is based on shared webhosting. This is like being in a dorm at a university, but with thousands of other websites all sending mail from the same location.

All it takes is one bad egg in the dorm, and the world will stop trusting anything sent from there. But by subscribing to our Email Guardian service, your website emails have their own, standalone, squeaky clean location to send mail from. And it has a strict caretaker keeping an eye on things.

Next Steps

So, no matter where or how you send your normal email from, the Email Guardian plan is an important service for your website and it costs $7/month +gst or a discounted annual price of $68/year +gst. If you also purchase the Email Health Check, we waive the set up costs for this service.

Email Health Check

Order and pay for our Email Health Check service now, in our one page checkout.

Email Guardian

Subscribe to our Email Guardian plan via our one page checkout, so your website can send email with confidence.

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