S03E09 – The Paradox Of Being Yourself In An AI World

Talking About Marketing Podcast by Steve Davis and David Olney

Dive into an episode where musical theatre wisdom meets our first 'not recommended' book review, all while unraveling the paradox of authenticity in an AI-driven world.

In the latest episode of "Talking About Marketing" with Steve Davis and David Olney, we explore the intersection of art, leadership, and AI in the modern business world. Our special guest, David Gauci, a veteran in the theatre scene and founder of Davine Productions, shares insights on finding one's unique voice in the performing arts and beyond. This is a must-listen for anyone seeking to carve out a distinctive identity in today's crowded digital landscape.

The episode delves into "Paradoxical Leadership" from Ivo Brughmans' book, offering a critical perspective on leadership principles that can be applied in business. While acknowledging the book's insights, David Olney provides a nuanced critique, emphasizing the importance of context in understanding these concepts.

A particularly engaging segment discusses the role of AI in our lives. As we increasingly turn to AI for advice and decision-making, Steve and David ponder the implications for our humanity and professional judgment. This conversation is essential for leaders and small business owners navigating the evolving landscape of AI and technology.

Finally, the episode wraps up with insights from the Sandler Selling System, providing practical tips on integrating these sales strategies into your business and personal growth. The episode is a blend of thought-provoking discussions and actionable advice, perfect for those looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. Don't miss this insightful journey into creativity, leadership, and the role of AI in modern business.

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Talking About Marketing podcast episode notes with timecodes

01:29  Person  This segment focusses on you, the person, because we believe business is personal.

Be Your Quirky Self

In 2013, the same year Steve began his award-winning podcast, The Adelaide Show, David Gauci put his roots down in Adelaide and started the theatre company, Davine Productions. Prior to this and alongside this, he has had a 25+ year career in professional theatre, as well as being a teacher to countless performers in a number of colleges and institutions including the University of Adelaide Elder Conservatorium.

In a recent interview with David, Steve asked about the guidance David gives new musical theatre actors about how to find their voice and his answer is useful to all of us.

In the conversation that ensues between Steve and David Olney, our David makes the point that in this social media age where people mouth slogans like "be yourself" and "be authentic online", it's important to remember that it is rarely appropriate for us to ever be fully ourselves in all social interactions.

You can hear Steve's full interview with David Gauci here: 385 – Davine Intervention In Adelaide Theatre.

08:28  Principles  This segment focusses principles you can apply in your business today.

Paradoxical Leadership

David just finished listening to the book, Paradoxical Leadership: How to Make Complexity an Advantage, by Ivo Brughmans.

Unlike every other book we've discussed on Talking About Marketing, this is one that David does not heartily recommend, despite conceding that it does raise awareness of some important principles.

As you'll hear in the discussion, David thinks the concepts in this book are good but the way the ideas are expressed is suboptimal. Listen to the podcast for more context.

15:30  Problems  This segment answers questions we've received from clients or listeners.

Should We Confide In AI?

Us humans are pretty bad and stopping our natural inclination to anthropomorphise, which means, to imbue things with a sense of being human. For example, if you chat to your pet in human terms and imagine it having human needs and expectations, you are anthropomorphising.

And when something can talk back to us, like a parrot or an AI tool, we are suckers for anthropomorphising.

The danger with AI tools, in particular, is that they don't really know what they're saying. They're primarily using a stack of complex calculations, based on countless conversations they've been fed, to take an "educated guess" at what combination of words or sentences would make the most sense, given the questions we've asked it.

Steve and David discuss what problems might arise as more AI therapists come online and as more professionals turn to AI tools to ask for opinions on what to do next.

Does this diminish our humanity? Do the risks outweigh the rewards? It all depends on our discernment.

21:06  Perspicacity  This segment is designed to sharpen our thinking by reflecting on a case study from the past.

Sandler Sales Submarine Summary

Each Perspicacity segment this series, focussed on one part of the Sandler Selling System. And this time, it is our summary of the discussion with some suggestions about how to incorporate these principles into your life and work.

In summary of this season's conversations, we do heartily recommend David Sandler's excellent book, You Can't Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike At A Seminar, Second Edition.

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