Answering People’s Questions: The Key To Marketing Success

Answering People’s Questions: The Key To Marketing Success

Answering People's Questions - our guide to understanding effective inbound marketing. Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash
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How do you get found, win customers, and build loyal fans in a world seemingly saturated by marketing messages?

It's tempting to think the answer is to turn on the advertising tap and drown the market with your messages.

But as you'll learn in this course, that outdated approach is flawed, ineffective, and expensive.

The alternative is an approach to marketing known as Inbound Marketing, in which you create an environment and content readymade for your ideal customers to discover and interact with.

In this structured introduction to the practical elements of Inbound Marketing, Steve Davis discusses the topic with David Olney, who has recently published the thesis, Inbound Marketing: Why Did it Emerge, What Makes it Significant, and Where Next?

In this course, we'll explain the conditions that gave rise to Inbound Marketing, suggest what it means for your day-to-day marketing activities and general operations, and outline how to apply Inbound Marketing principles.

You will get clarity about:

  • The ideal personas your business needs to attract, serve, and "wow"
  • An approach for auditing your current marketing materials from your customers' perspectives
  • Some protocols to put in place to help nurture customers into loyal brand advocates

We hope you find this course immensely helpful and valuable.

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