Marketing measurement for small business

If you want to know exactly how to market your business while spending as little time and money as possible, then you need this package.

4 components of a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. With a few simple measurements and tools, you can get a very clear picture of your business and what you need to do next.

You need to assess and track four key elements to ensure your business is healthy and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

The four elements of marketing measurement for small business are:

  1. Website
  2. Ease of use
  3. Content that solves customers’ problems
  4. Traffic aka lots of people

Let’s look at each of these and explain how our marketing measurement package addresses them.

If you can't measure it you can't manage it - Peter Drucker - marketing measurement for small business by Talked About Marketing
Marketing measurement for small business: Website

Your website and marketing measurement

Your website is your business.  Everything you do, both online and offline, should be sending people to it.

The critical part of any strategy is to define, monitor and measure your publishing channels.

Too often, we see small businesses rely on social media platforms or directory sites as their primary home base.

You don’t own these platforms, and it isn’t easy to measure their performance.

How this package helps

This package includes a channel analysis and recommendations for your business to ensure that you don’t have a fragmented or inefficient online presence.

More details below.

Marketing measurement for small business: Ease of use

Ease of use and marketing measurement

Suppose visitors find your website confusing,  difficult to use or slow.

In that case, it will frustrate them, and they will make a mental note never to revisit your site.

How many times have you tested your website contact form or tried to purchase one of your products?

Most business owners set these up and then just let them run without going back and checking that they are easy to use and working correctly.

How this package helps

This package includes useability recommendations based on expert analysis and three recorded sessions of people using your site and attempting to perform the critical tasks you need them to do.

More details below.

Marketing measurement for small business: Content

Content that solves customer problems and marketing measurement

Suppose you want to be found by potential customers (SEO). In that case, you need content on your website that answers the questions, problems and needs that your customers have and that your products or services solve.

Without this content, you will be invisible to search engines and customers.

Even customers find you won’t stay long or purchase from you if you have nothing on your site to engage them.

How this package helps

This package includes a content analysis and recommendations for new content that will attract, engage, and convert new customers for your business.

More details below.

Marketing measurement for small business: Traffic

Traffic and marketing measurement

Once you have a website that’s easy to use and has excellent content, you need to drive as much traffic as possible to your site. It’s at this point that you’ll have the best chance to convert visitors to customers.

This is the part of marketing that most people already understand. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of starting here and simply spending money on advertising to get more traffic.

Suppose you are paying money to send traffic to a website, and it isn’t easy to use or doesn’t have engaging content.

In that case, you are just throwing money away. Even worse, you may be paying money to damage your brand

How this package helps

This package includes a traffic analysis report and recommendations for free and paid strategies for increasing the traffic to your website.

More details below.

The 3 things every small business needs to be measuring

Every business is attempting to do three things, and these can all be measured using free measurement tools.

Leads and sales

Every business needs both leads and sales to survive. It is possible, using free tools, to measure exactly which marketing activities you undertake are driving your leads and sales. No more wondering what to do or wasting time on fruitless strategies. You will see exactly what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Thought leadership

Every business operator needs to be seen as an expert in their field. Your perceived level of expertise can be measured and improved.

Word of mouth

We all know that word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy that we have. Did you know that you can measure the number of word-of-mouth referrals you get and where they come from? Once you know this, you can put strategies in place to improve and drive even more sales and brand recognition for your business.

Essential marketing measurement tools

Many free marketing measurement tools can be used depending on the nature of your business and what you need to measure. This package includes an assessment of your measurement and reporting needs and installing and configuring the tools to achieve this.

This package includes installation and configuration of Google analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and Hotjar with the option of setting up Mautic and HubSpot for an extra fee if required.

Google Analytics

A free, website measurement tool that shows how many people visit your site, what they do, where they come from, what content they view, what products they buy, how much they spend, which advertising is working best for you and hundreds of other measures

Google Search Console

A free, SEO measurement tool that shows you exactly how well your site is performing in Google searches, what search terms people are using to find you, how well your site performs, site errors, who is linking to your site and many more features and measures to help you improve your search rankings.

Google Tag Manager

A free, advanced, website tracking tool that lets you add all of the tracking codes to your website in one place without having to edit your website or manually add tracking code to products, services, phone call clicks, email clicks, forms and many other standard events you would want to track on your website.


A free, usability testing tool (with paid options) that will take live recordings of users on your website, so you can see exactly what they are doing and where your site might be confusing or difficult to use.

Hubspot CRM

If you keep customer details on paper, in an excel spreadsheet or Outlook, you to start using a Customer Relationship Manager instead. Hubspot CRM is a free, fully-featured customer relationship management system that can take bookings, track users, track emails, identify leads and sales opportunities, all for free. Some features are paid options and quite expensive. Still, the free features will be enough for most businesses, and by the time you need the advanced features, you will be able to afford them


A free, open-source, marketing automation system. What does this mean? It means you can track individual customers and leads and see what they do on your website and when. It can even trigger automatic emails to customers when they perform particular actions on your site. This isn't an option everyone will use, but it is very powerful – and free.

The 5 most common marketing errors small businesses make

After working with hundreds of small businesses over twenty years, we repeatedly see some common mistakes. This measurement package will ensure that you are not making these common mistakes and potentially wasting your time and money.

This package includes a report and installation and configuration of tools that will give you a clear picture of whether you are making these common mistakes (or others), so you can stop doing the things that don’t work and do more of the things that do.

Almost every website we have ever analysed has had errors ranging from broken forms and shopping carts to security errors, wrong numbers, wrong email addresses and broken pages. When you purchase this package, we will go through your site with a fine-tooth comb and find and find these for you.

Almost every small business we work with spends too much time on social media and not enough time on their website. Social media is hard work and not very good at generating new leads and customers. Social media is brilliant for forming a community and building brand loyalty but posting “Buy my product” or “Our product is the best” type of posts doesn’t work – stop doing it. Put your content on your website first and then share it on social media.

Stop trying to trick Google to get better search results. You can’t do it. It is a waste of time and often leads to a poor website experience for your customers. Instead, make a website that answers your customers needs better than anybody else does. This is what will give you better rankings.

Some SEO companies are excellent, but… If somebody promises to get you onto page 1 of Google, run away. Nobody can guarantee this, not even google. We see many businesses waste money on SEO companies that produce sub-standard content and low-quality links as a strategy to improve search results. In some cases, this might work in the short term, but it can damage your brand and lower your search rankings in the longer term.

  1. We see customers wasting a lot of money on advertising before optimising their website. Advertising is just paying for visitors, so if you are paying to send people to your website and your website is broken or difficult to use, you are spending money for nothing. You are even potentially paying for people to dislike your brand.

What our Marketing Measurement for Small Business package includes

What the package includes:

  • A 1HR initial zoom meeting to discuss your needs
  • SEO Review
  • Content review
  • Usability testing (3 users) and review
  • Traffic analysis and recommendations
  • Installation and configuration of Google Tag Manager
  • Installation and configuration of Google Analytics
  • Installation and configuration of Google Search Console
  • Installation and configuration of Hotjar
  • A 2-hour follow-up meeting in whicih we will show you how to read your data and reports and your top measurement metrics dashboard configuration. 

This all inclusive package is $3,250 +GST.

As the well-respected business writer, Peter Drucker, said, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, and that includes digital marketing. 

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