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There's only one thing better than doing marketing and that's doing marketing that's talked about

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When you put marketing plans into action, you want people to talk about your product, service, or event. Talking and engagement are the first steps along the way to buying and referring.

This is why the marketing services we offer are all attuned with the famous line by Oscar Wilde, there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about.

But creating marketing communication that “cuts through” demands effort, strategy, and a healthy dose of creative thinking.

By working with Steve Davis at Talked About Marketing, you’ll be encouraged to create or revisit your marketing plan, think deeply about the wants and needs of your target market, and then work out the most engaging ways to get your efforts “talked about”.

We call it the importance of marketing earnestly (with another nod to Oscar Wilde) because it balances the serious elements of marketing planning with the novel and mercurial aspects of marketing communication and content creation.

The first step is to work out where you are in your marketing journey and if/how Talked About Marketing can help.

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Planning or Action?

Sometimes we are itching to put out a media release, run some Facebook ads, or make a video or website, before we’ve truly set our course.

But, as Stephen Covey wrote, “if the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

This is why one of the first things we’ll do with you is ask a few questions to understand where you are with your marketing and what services will be the most helpful and effective.

Steve Davis has sat with thousands of business people and encountered business models of all shapes and sizes so while we won’t rush in, we won’t make you fit a box that’s not right for you.

At Talked About Marketing, each solution will be tailored to your needs. This doesn’t mean always starting from scratch but it does mean pulling together various elements in a unique way to suit your situation.

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Writing Services

Writing has been part of Steve’s working life since his first job in radio at age 19. From writing commercials for clients to award submissions for tourism and the arts, Steve cut his teeth across a range of writing tasks. Since then, he has hardly stopped typing. From wine labels to corporate profile documents, from blogs to media releases, Steve’s years of journalism and marketing mean he can analyse the marketing communication task and distil key messages into effective copy.

Public Speaking and Keynotes

When you need someone who can speak about marketing, social media marketing, marketing communication, and deliver reflective insights into the intersection of marketing and society, have a chat with Steve Davis. From tailored presentations for conferences, breakout sessions, and keynotes, to MC services and bespoke comedy sets aligned with your organisation or industry’s key themes, Talked About Marketing can deliver. Steve’s ability to read an audience and to deliver content in an engaging, entertaining manner should make him part of your shortlist!

Marketing Workshops

How can we put this? Business people enjoy attending marketing workshops run by Steve Davis because the time flies and lessons are learned in an entertaining manner. From novel anecdotes and a thoughtful structure of material, to engaging exercises and a welcoming manner for responding to spontaneous questions from the floor, workshops written and delivered through Talked About Marketing will be talked about in the months that follow (in a good way)!.

Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing is not about regularly publishing pretty pictures with gushing captions littered with hashtags. It is about being and thinking (and marketing) in a social manner. This means we need to understand who our audience is, where and what they enjoy consuming across the social media channels, and then work out if there is a way for us to be part of their social media routines. There’s not always a good fit, which is why a little thought and planning goes a long way. Steve Davis is one of the pioneers of social media marketing in South Australia and can help you find a voice and a purpose for approaching social media in a thoughtful way to achieve your marketing goals.

Marketing Strategy

After 20 years of marketing consulting, strategic thinking becomes something you do intuitively. If you don’t have a marketing strategy or a trusted advisor who can help you clarify your goals, Talked About Marketing can guide you through a structured process that will tease out the most important questions. Together, we can arrive at some strategic decisions that will make sure your marketing efforts are heading in the right direction and attracting interest, desire, and action from the right people.


Are you curious about dipping your toe into the fast-growing world of podcasting? In the large ocean of podcasts already out there, it will be easy to go missing without some careful planning and some wise advice along the way. Steve Davis is a podcaster with a radio and marketing and social media background, so he has a wealth of experience for helping you think through what you might offer the world of hungry podcast listeners. Questions like niche audiences, practical goals for podcasts, program structure, resources, editing, publishing, promoting, equipment, and many more topics can be covered by Steve as you work together to assess the environment and work out whether it’s safe to dive in. Some people reading this might think they can Google those items and put a workshop or planning meeting together, but there are so many layers to this demanding and rewarding field, that they’ll risk a naive amble into the abyss. 

WordPress Websites

When you have 1,000+ websites under your belt, you tend to know the ins and outs of the world’s most popular Content Management System. WordPress accounts for 35% of the world’s top websites and can scale up from a “mum and dad” store to a multinational with multiple brands, geographical markets, and shareholder interfaces. But what do you need? Steve Davis has counselled many business people on the most appropriate ways to get a website built and then help Google see, trust, and recommend it. The devil is always in the detail with websites. This is why Steve will work with you to work out whether we need to start with the basics and develop more content over time (like he is doing with his website), or go more deeply into planning and then roll out a more comprehensive site. And, at the end of the day, the focus should always be on users. What do they want and need from your website and how can we make things easy for them to engage with us.


Steve Davis is a blogger and proudly wears that badge of honour. He’s been doing it and teaching it since 2004 and over that time, very few of the fundamentals have shifted. The regular production of helpful articles that answer questions your target market has, is a simple, dependable formula for putting your writing to work for you around the clock. Blog articles can be used for lead generation, the sales process, staff training, and professional development (it’s amazing how much you force yourself to stay sharp when you are sharing some of your expert reflection online). Before you complain that you cannot write, remember Steve has coached more “I can’t write” business owners to blog than Oscar Wilde had fancy cigarettes! Through his process at Talked About Marketing, we will start with the fundamentals, develop a plan, think about scheduling the writing effort, and provide support for gaining confidence with your writing and good reach with the social promotion of your work. Before we meet, try jotting down some of the most common questions you get asked in your area of expertise. There. You have some of your first blog topics. We’ll build from there.

Marketing and Communication Planning

Marketing and communication planning seems similar to strategy but is in fact the next step in the process. Once we have our goals and strategies selected, we need to think about what tactics we’ll be using to achieve our ends. This is where planning comes in. With Talked About Marketing, we will always start ongoing marketing and communication efforts by drafting a plan of attack with you, so we can allocate enough time and resources to get the job done right. Planning does not need to be complex; it just needs to produce a task list that is clear and easy to use so everyone can stay on track. As Oscar might say, there’s only one thing worse than having a To Do list and that is having a To Do list you’ve forgotten about!

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