The Kytons Bakery Story – A Small Business Profile On FIVEaa

The Kytons Bakery Story

Could you work with your spouse or partner in the same business for 20+ years?

Darren and Sharon Sutton have, and they seem to thrive at it.

I was on Adelaide's FIVEaa last weekend, with Richard Pascoe, and I shared the Kytons Bakery story which covers not only their 20 years of running Kytons, and the previous 10 years of running Flagstaff Hill Bakers Pantry, but also their personal backgrounds.

This is part of Talked About Marketing's mission, to increase an appreciation for the guts and hard work that goes in behind the scenes to make the small to medium businesses we rely upon, actually function.

Darren and Sharon Sutton from Kytons Bakery

For now, however, get ready to hear the different pathways Darren and Sharon took, ultimately becoming the Kytons Bakery legends we love and respect today.

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