WordPress Website Care Plan

WordPress Website Care Plan

$130.00 exc GST / month

Keep the bad guys out of your website and enjoy peace of mind with our monthly WordPress website care plan.


Your website is up and running but how can you ensure it keeps running safely and efficiently?

Just like offices and shops need cleaning and maintenance, so, too, do websites.

Developers regularly post updates to WordPress, to WordPress plugins (bits of software or code that help your website do particular things like run ecommerce or subscribe people to your newsletter), and to your WordPress theme.

You can incorporate a discipline of attending to this regularly but we've found most business people are too stretched and stressed running their businesses to pay appropriate attention to technicalities like updates.

And it's when you've overlooked them for a few months that danger can strike. Hackers are always active and websites with old elements are easy prey.

Our comprehensive WordPress Website Care Plan not only keeps your site on top of its updates but a backup is taken of the site, too, and we have a fair use allowance for you being able to send us small portions of text or imagery to be added to your site while your plan is active.

In short, while your plan is active, we have you covered in an all-inclusive manner.

To make this easier to apply, you can add this to your cart and set monthly payments in process so you can set-and-forget. Let us do the remembering.

What you get

  • All WordPress updates applied in a timely manner
  • A fresh back up of your site taken before and after each update process so it can be restored easily, should tragedy ever strike
  • Top priority response when you have technical website questions or issues
  • Ability to have some content added to your site, eg, new pages or blog posts, provided all text and imagery are supplied - on a Fair Use basis

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